Kask Dogma Chrome Light  Navy/Rosegold Helmet (snap)

Kask Dogma Chrome Light Navy/Rosegold Helmet (snap)

  • $ 590.00

 The soft hypoallergenic strap prevents skin irritations. The material is easy to clean, resistant to water and abrasion.

KASK is aware of the need to find the best fit for each rider, ensuring the safety and comfort of the wearer. The self-regulating system patented by KASK and introduced for the first time on the equestrian market, allows you to fix the helmet on the head knight, self adapting to the shape of the neck. The finish in high-tech carbon emphasizes design and product innovation.

The ideal solution to ensure the best comfort and hygiene. A simple gesture is enough to remove the padding to wash it. Hand wash or machine wash at 30 ° C.

An intelligent ventilation system, consisting of the two grids of ventilation and the special structure preformed in polystyrene, provides high air flow standards. The highly breathable fabric interior improves the physiological comfort of the rider.


*Please note Kask sizing is a little different from most helmets. EU 55 is considered a Kask 6 7/8 but fits like a standard 6 3/4. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 662-449-4872 or email us at sales@tophatsboutique.net*